Much has transpired recently. “Big news” in Canada is that Stephen Harper and his Conservative government have taken over rule of Canada with a minority government. I personally am not very impressed by the result as a conservative. I think that ultimately the conservative view is one somewhat rooted in Christian morality, although it would be a massive stretch to think it is a significant influence in reality. The only way that the conservatives, in my opinion, will get more seats is to further distance itself from a Christian worldview, or moral view. That would allow it to “appeal” to those who hold to some sort of morally relative post-modern view. That really just creates two liberal parties and does not give a real choice. I think that the bottom line is that Canada is sufficiently morally bankrupt to ensure that those who have any moral agenda whatsoever will never gain any significant political control of the country. Influence is another question, but control – I think not. When crookedness to the level that Canada has seen barely begets a tap on the knuckles for the perpetrators then I think that more than lets us know the climate in Canada. What’s the golden rule? Do unto others. Apparently most of us are afraid of being held to account ourselves, because we sure don’t want to be accused of holding the liberals to real account.