So there is a new episode of my new favourite show (apparently already cancelled) on tonight. After a long but productive week, and at the start of what looks to be another one (Sunday is my first workday of the week) I am excited to chill with my bride and catch some entertainment.

Was at a friends triple cool 40th birthday party last night. Great friends he has. You can tell a lot about a person by their friends (or lack of them I suppose). The people were amazing, and the so was the get together.

Going to be a busy month of singing which I am excited about. I will be in Stratford, Burlington/Hamilton, London and Toronto over the next few weeks with Ali Mathews and FTC Canada. Should be a blast!!

Blogger has been having some problems, so I put up a couple blogs from the mac. I will have them re-entered under this format in a day or two.

’til next blog.

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