Now that sounds like a process doesn’t it!! Really I am just giving updates.

Last night in the studio was great, my eldest daughter put down her
tracks like a pro. Her comment was, “but Dad I want to sing more, I
like singing in the studio”. I had to break it to her that when you
basically lay it down in one take it is actually better than repeating
over and over….besides it was bedtime!!

As I mentioned earlier I just released “One Night” to radio. It looks
like it is getting some listens so I will get back to you when it
starts getting played more. Joy 1250 in Oakville was WAY ahead of the
curve, but let’s see what happens now that it is officially out to

I need to update the appearances page on the site, but I will be back
in Windsor this fall on labour day weekend leading worship at Heritage
Park Alliance. I may be adding some dates around that so stay tuned.

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