I have been previously pleased with some of the things I have been able to accomplish through gifts of friends outdated technology. Or at least there redundant equipment as they upgrade.

Well my wireless router has been great until this past year. Since moving to this new house I have had a terrible time keeping it on and engaged. Not only has it been inconsistent wirelessly, but it has also been bad wired. Jumping in and out, constantly needing to be rebooted. What a pain.

Alas, I am trying to implement some advice about changing the channel to something other than the default. I have done that, and have been up for awhile. We will see if it can stay up for a few days and prove the point. Another weakness is our 2.4ghz phones as well – which is the only type we have on our house. Alas, we will see how much improvement we net (pardon the punn).
Maybe I will get back to blogging more if when I fire up I can actually get on the net.


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