So last weekend I lead worship at Heritage Park Alliance Church, (link) Sat night and two Sunday morning services. Man I had a great time. The worship experience was great, I really felt a vibe between the people there and myself, and the worship of God was amazing – the point of course. Those of you that know me know I pound the piano pretty hard. It ended up being a patch chord, but the last song of the last service the piano just quit. A funny moment to say the least.

I always find it interesting to work with other worship bands, especially under tight time conditions. It challenges me to assess quickly and see what I have to do to make the band sound its best with very limited knowledge and personal experience with the players. All in all I think it went very well.

The real kicker for me was the spiritual side. I REALLY felt at ease, at home. I remember praying and thanking God before one of the services for the body of believers – His church. I really felt like, man, these are not strangers, these are my brothers and sisters – it was very cool. Anyway, we connected very well. Not only with the band but with other people in the church.

Another fellow I met and had lunch with was Terry Lesperance a pro drummer out of Windsor working in Detroit. A real cool connect and lunch.

I feel like it was one of those important connections in life, maybe as much for what it taught me about the church (BIG C) as it was for the experience itself.

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