Mid 80's Michael W. Smith released a CD called the big picture. I loved that CD, went to the concert at Expo 86 in Vancouver B.C. I don't know about you, but I grew up too serious. I am sure many of my old mates would confirm said statement. One of the things I have been learning as I now try to build into my precious children, is that I need to create and model the big picture, and that picture is a marathon, not a sprint. You have to live with the end in mind, but you have to live. I once did a concert years ago that I titled "live, love, laugh, philosophize." In retrospect, most of the concert was the last word of that phrase.

A year goes by relatively quickly when you plod through it. Some might think that is a good thing if you are having a tough year. But if you have nothing to look forward to, and nothing to look back on, no milestones of growth, or even family vacation, or time with friends, it will feel like you did nothing.

I think weekly reflection is so important when you are trying to live a life of balance, because balance isn't doing the same percentage of things every week, balance is knowing what to emphasize at different times to keep your life moving towards and within, the big picture.

One of my favorites from that Album: Lamu

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