I am having fun with the different kind of work that goes with starting to launch the new CD. Planning gigs (please feel free to call and book more), updating the website and promoting the CD. I really haven’t really gone into earnest, this month is really pre-drop month in terms of “the world”, with those that know me being first on the list to call as it were.

To that end, the site is a little cleaner now, better flash player with the whole new CD to listen to. If you like it, you can buy it for one more week for $12. After that is goes up to $15, although downloads will be available soon for $10, so keep a lookout if you don’t like to have something in your hands (you own an iPod)

As I have mentioned before this CD offers a unique view I think. Not original (see my song ‘Nothing New” from the Apartment Sessions on the flash player on my site) but a useful set of stories, songs and thoughts for churches to use as community building concerts. Building community with the outside community I mean. I am excited to see where this leads.

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