Traditionally I would have cause to be thinking big thoughts as it pertains to life and direction etc. at the end of calendar year, like most. This past transitional phase, however, has led to the need to be in constant evaluation of what is going on. Work is fantastic, but the newness of it brings huge challenges as it is a new environment and requires tonnes of creative energy to get things up and running and moving forward.

The new house has been a great experience. With the help of family and friends (unbelievable amount of help) the whole house has pretty much been painted, including a kitchen reno (cheap version of re-painting it etc.) and newly finished wood floors. It is an old house (39 years) so character comes with a price.

A fourth child is imminent and brings with it the accompanying anticipation and stress of making room in the heart and the head for another beautiful child.

And lastly is the CD. Kind of been on hold this past month or three. Late August should bring a re-launch of effort and represent the last leg or two of production. It is amazing how far the project has come and yet how much there is to do. This is going to be a serious accomplishment when it gets done.

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