I just finished reading the memoir of Warren Bennis,"Still Surprised." It was definitely An interesting read from the perspective of an educator who lived through WWII and so much social change in North America and Europe these past 70 years.

One of the things that struck me…again..was the process of the journey. The best way I can describe the sentiment that I I want to convey is this.

My beautiful wife wakes up almost everyday to the same "chores". Making meals, taking care of all of the sundry cleaning and operational tasks that keep our family running. I think if you look at it as plainly as that, who needs it. However, when one looks at the vision of what we are trying to accomplish and her role in it, you realize we are trying to raise children who know and love God and see the world for all that it could and should be. Stef creates the space, the infrastructure, and has the lions share of relational time with the blessings that we are trying to do right by. What a wonderful vision for a job: Change agent, motivator, inspiration, hero, and she is all those things.

Understanding vision and context is so important. It may not change the fact that they are emails to write, meetings to go to, production to be done, a good part of which seems to lack inspirational qualities. But when all of those tasks are leading towards the end game, they become far more meaningful and I think enjoyable.

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