I am most of the way through Robert Herjavec’s book (of Dragon’s Den fame) “Driven”. The book truly conveys, in my estimation, the vibe or feeling of what it takes to be driven. Robert describes his journey to his current success. It is an interesting one, and not one dimensional. He does articulate the need for keeping all the balls in the air between business and personal life. He seems to have successfully done that, although I must admit, I do not know the details of his personal life. He speaks about it often and fondly.

For Robert, success definitely involves making serious money, and he has done that. I tend to take some of the wise advice he gives on many subjects and temper it with this: success is actually achieving your calling or dream holistically.

I think many people don’t define success as making obscene amounts of money, or owning their own business. At the same time, I do think most of us have a dream, have something we actually want to do passionately. I think accomplishing that is what allows you to feel successful. I recommend that all of us should acquire, generate, learn are way into finding enough drive to accomplish our dreams, AND, I believe we should enjoy the journey towards it. This may include doing other things well in the process – be happy everyday in the journey.

This is where I am. I do not feel that I have accomplished my dream, however, I am gaining happiness and re-focusing on getting there. I used to feel like I would only be happy once I arrived. Now everyday feels like I am arriving, getting closer, moving forward…and that in itself is enjoyable. So, have I succeeded, no, not in the goal I have before me, but I am happy trying to get there….and I will!!

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