So my main vehcile is a Subaru Justy, kindly donated to me by some missionary friends who fled to serve God after the transaction:) It is a fantastic little beast, as in, it gets me around justy fine. Our other vehicle is a Honda Odyssey. That’s my wife’s vehicle. She fills the bus up with our kids and often others with regularity, so obviosly I am pretty passionate about keeping it in top notch shape.

So last night I come out and the tire is audibly hissing. Literally just gushing air, and sure enough the tire is flat by this morning. So Iam here in the dealership, hooked up online, while they fix it up. Minor issue in the end, nevertheless, bit of a pain.

The engine light has been on recently as well. The van has been operating fine and I knew it would cost the better part of $100 just to get it checked, but I thought per my comments above, and alot of travel to come this summer on the van, that I should make sure I got it checked. Cool, problem under warranty, don’t have to pay for the analysis or the fix.

Somedays, not having to spend money is a real good thing! Thanks Honda.

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