OK, I have never run a marathon, not even close, but I have read about the wall one hits late in a marathon. Learning how to break through the wall is essential to finishing the race. I am not sure if I should be concerned or not, but I feel like I have just broken through a wall with music production. For whatever reason, the February song of the month was a beast I could not tame until Sunday afternoon, almost a week behind when I wanted to release it (but still on time for February!!)

The upside is I have shipped the February Song of the Month to digital distribution. I will let you know when it hits iTunes as soon as I know!

I had mentioned that one of my goals this year is to "get bigger", to grow, intellectually, spiritually, in my body of work etc. I didn't think that I would hit a wall in month two, but I did , and I broke through. I must admit, it was very difficult. It took all of my physical and creative energy to finish the job, I pushed myself as hard as I can remember ever pushing, but I am over the moon, not only with the accomplishment, but the song itself.

So why do I share? Two reasons: I have committed to being as open and honest as I can on this journey this year, sharing the ups and downs; The other reason is I hope you can take something for yourself. What do you want to accomplish, really want to accomplish? Set a date, and push through all walls until you accomplish it. In the process, I think you too will grow bigger!!

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