When I was around 13 I discovered I had a voice. It was a radical discovery, I landed the lead in a grade 7 play. It was also traumatic, I was a rep goalie, a provincial league baseball player, but not an artist. In grade 8 I did nothing artsy, I think the whole experience freaked me out. I might add, I wasn't really a Christian at this point in my life.

Shortly thereafter though, life changed. I did become a Christian (phase 1), and started attending with my family a Pentecostal church in Mississauga called MGT, now Portico. The charismatic like their music, and I flourished there, and when we moved to BC at 15 I attended another church Christian Life Assembly in Langley. Sports were now behind me, and I was off into music land forever.

There was a famous, albeit cheesy, song about an old violin. It was really a song of redemption, but this morning as I reflect on my musical journey, I am interpreting it another way. The violin was old, beat up, and out of tune and for sale at an auction. A master violinist walked up to front during bidding (which wasn't going well) and played it so beautifully the instrument was revealed for its true purpose, its true value.

I feel like for me, my true musical value has been revealed to me over the past couple of years. I have played at jazz, and pop. I have tried to "make it" in various and sundry ways musically, but in the end, I believe the church is where I belong. When I worship God musically is when I am most alive. Over the next year, as you come to this blog or my site, you will see a growing number of new worship songs appearing, that will be my focus.

Will there be other songs…love songs..etc. I am sure there will be some, but my focus will increasingly be to build up the church. I'm excited!

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