I am home again, just finished a wedding in Oakville, Ontario tonight. Yes, I was the wedding singer. The stress for me was that I was also the wedding player. Not much of a piano player frankly. I love to play pop piano for myself, but classical and jazz stretches me because I am not really either of those things. Nevertheless, lots of preparation and the execution made me feel great, an I am sure the bride and groom as well.

Funny, I am not really into the wedding thing anymore, and make no mistake this was a paying gig, but it was for a good acquaintance, certainly a friend of connection, and I have a soft spot for my connections back in the Mississauga, Oakville , Burlington area. The bride, my friend, is a likeable classy gal, and the groom (who I just met) seemed also very authentic and of quality. I wish them the best and hope to keep contact through the usual suspects and events as years go on! But tomorrow I am back to my main gig – being a music pastor at Valley View. I look forward to worshiping God with my mates in the band. For now, peace. Hope to sing for you soon!