The first stop on the tour was amazing. I must say it was a tiring weekend doing three worship services and then the concert at night, but it was very rewarding. As strange as it sounds, I really did not know what to expect from the songs as I had put them together. I listened to the songs on this CD a million times, but when you go to perform them live you start to get the feel of how people respond to them and how serious the content is. It is an interesting mix between the two CDs (technically three) that I perform from for this tour. The new CD is dark, spiritual, Biblical, but dark, dealing with more of the serious themes found in the Bible that we experience in life. The whole first set basically was the new CD, but I was very pleased to see people respond to the stories and songs by picking up a bunch of new disc!! The second set acted almost as a resolution to the first with many songs from the Noticing the Sky CD.

I will be tweaking the set for sure, maybe adding a few more songs from “The Apartment Sessions” CD. Looking forward to sharing from the next “tour” stop in Oakville in September. Love to see you come out if you are in the area.