I think one of things that is most perplexing today, for me anyway, is how much time we as Christians spend debating morality, politics etc. My take on that is that we end up defining ourselves by what we do not believe in, rather than what we do believe in.

An example of this kind of dialogue can be seen here and here. ( Aug 2, 2006 about Colson)

There are visionaries out there that keep on claiming the same message day after day, month after month, year after year. They do not veer off course, because although they could spend time defending what they are not, it is far more productive to say and be what they are. You need to ignore to some degree the criticisms and just be.

Yes I am talking about being like Jesus Christ. We need to be Christians. People who are defined by love, guided by the Bible and the Holy Spirit, defined by caring for others, taking care of the poor, the sick (of every kind), the friendless, the homeless etc. When someone asks us an opinion on an issue we need to be like the new Chrysler commercials link (wait through intro to get to commercials). We need to tell them follow us through our day of helping people, telling people about Jesus, caring for people in our community etc. and be done with it. If they can’t follow us through a day and get that message through our example, than we are preaching the wrong message somehow, don’t you think?

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