It has been three weeks today, so I feel a little more confident sharing this. I have been trying to break down some walls in my life lately. Walls of lack of productivity, walls of reaching goals, both personal and dream related. I have been trying to learn from those who have succeeded by listening to sermons, reading magazine's like "Success" and business leadership books like Linchpin by Seth Godin. I am reading books on parenting, and on spiritual subjects like fear ("Fearless" by Max Lucado) and I am trying to refuse to be overwhelmed, but rather inspired to make little changes aggregately that will take hold and build on each other.
What all of this has led to currently is a discipline of giving myself two hours each day. One hour to work towards my dreams and one hour to work out on my body. What that has meant practically is that I am waking up a little more than 2 hours earlier to fit all of this in to an already full schedule.
Is is working? I think so! I have lost 12 pounds in three weeks and I am starting to see things really develop on the dream side (yes I am being somewhat mysterious). Stay tuned, through my blog and website I will keep you informed as the journey continues.

Posted via email from Cliff Cline