Had a great trip to Myrtle Beach to a nice resort. Had to sit through a time share presentation for the free trip, I hate those things, but this one was actually pretty painless. We got through in 63 minutes, woohoo.

Do you ever have trouble finding balance in our life? Lately (last couple of years) I feel like I am accomplishing less, and yet I am not sure it is actually true. I am involved in higher level events and missional activity, but the pace is really fast. I think it is possible that I have reached a new level, and with that has come a new problem. The requests I am getting to do things largely are what I believe I should be doing. Before the hard thing was to say no to good, but off vision requests. Now the issue is I am getting too many on vision requests. Keeping in mind I have a day job, I basically find myself booked out a year or more musically – crazy. (no it is not represented in my appearances yet). There will be more “gigs” that I will have to fit in, CD release concerts of course, but it does leave me in a fairly serious prioritization time.

One of things I am trying to figure out is how this blog helps anyone as it were. Does it help people track with me?, are their any topics you come back and look for?, please comment if there are strings you would like me to build on, that might help give some focus.

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