So here is a funny and interesting story. When I was 15 I played in a band. Truthfully, for a bunch of 15 year olds we were very good. Vocally I was very strong for my age, but the drummer was also amazing. Frankly, so was the drummer and bass player. The drummer, however, matured first. He moved to Toronto after living with my family for a school year and had amazing success, young, as a drummer. He, I think, is probably some kind of a genious, but drumming is not what he decided he would set his mind on.

I connected with him when I moved to Toronto and found out he was still drumming, but more involved with the technology industry.

The amazing people that designed my new CD cover at Riordon Design have lost a couple of people recetly to a gaming/technology company. Riordon are amazing, and do amazing work, so when I found out they lost these people I assumed the company was one of the bigs. You know where this is going don’t you.

So I was working on a booking with someone who used to play with my friend and found out that he no longer plays, but has a gaming company, and has lured the folk that I know from my friends company to his. Small world. More power to you Kevin. All the best. (Silver Birch)

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