I think I have always struggled with meaning, meaning for me I suppose. The title track on my new CD certainly deals with this.

What is it for you. Being spiritually centered, not to sound too New Age-y. Doing something meaningful in your day job or free time? Being married and raising kids? Having a significant income and perhaps notoriety. Those that know me know that music has always been a major part of my make-up, but it has never been my full-time thing. No lack of desire, just never happened in reality.

I think the process of Buried Thoughts, which I might add is significantly bigger than simply writing and producing the CD, has taught me that music brings far more meaning in my life than perhaps I have ever known. It is the way I express myself most purely, which for me in part, is poetically. I find more power in words that leave room for the listener to wrestle, to process, to read between the lines. For budget reasons I did not release the lyrics in the CD cover. I have already received requests for them. They will be offered on the site soon.

I have rightly been accused of being very intense in life. I am discovering that I am happiest, most content in that place. Life to me is to grow. Life to me is to serve in the dirt. Life to me is love til it hurts. Life to me is to laugh hard, loud and long. Life to me is to abandon self to the point where God can fill the void. Life to me is big, bigger than today, because if God wills, I can do more and better tomorrow.

Some of the bigness of life has come out in this newest CD. Someone, not my mother:), said that they thought this was my best CD so far. Cool, I hope I can grow and make my next even better, in the meantime I hope that Buried Thoughts is bigger and better in every way than that which I have done in the past.

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