Well I realize my blogging is generally unremarkable. I don’t know how some can blog so much and get anything else done, nevertheless, here is my bi-monthly input.

There are several areas that are developing right now and I am excited about them all. The worship teams I am working with at the church have grown substantially, and although that creates new organizational and leadership challenges for me – it is great for those involved and for the church. Moreover, to support that we are on a journey of updating technology. We have decided to go with a new sound board the Soundcraft GB4.

We are also installing a new lighting board. A Leprecon Control 24.

On the Noticing the Sky front I have 3 appearances this month, afterwhich I am looking, but I am optimistic things will continue to develop as they have been.

I do have two speaking engagements in May, should I accept the second offer, to speak on worship and the arts in the church. One is to the Eastern and Central District of the Alliance denomination in Canada, and the other is a seminar to the youth in the Eastern District.

All in all there is a lot developing, and I am pleased with how it looks.

Peace for now.

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