I wasn’t refering to the amount of posts recently, but some may have assumed that was the context of the title:)

Anyway, I am really talking about the progress on the new CD. I am absolutely having a blast recording. I am about seven songs into the pre-production of about 14. Although that would make it seem like I am half way through at least this phase I am not, because I am not finished what I think I need to on all of the songs either. I do have to remeber this is the ‘scratch’ phase of the recording, nevertheless, I want to be happy even with this phase.

The CD is shaping up to be very different from my first, so down the line I will be interested to see what people think of the change. I would describe it as more of an artists CD than a worship CD, more songs for listening to then songs for singing to. Anyway, jsut felt like shooting up some info up here to keep something flowing from me to you.

Have a great day eh!!


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