The English language…so strange. By winding up do I mean finishing ala ‘winding down’ or starting up again? I mean the latter for clarification.

I continue to read Getting Things Done, by David Allen. I should finish it soon, but I think I have already picked up the one or two things that could really help in the time management side of things this next year.

By winding up I am referring to the feeling I currently have after an unbelievably good vacation. First you have to:

  1. Catch up, then;
  2. Respond;
  3. Re-engage;
  4. And get back up to full speed.

On top of it all I have the great problem of several gig requests coming in simultaneously for both music and speaking. I will update appearances as I confirm and get details.

All that to say I think I will be back in the groove by tomorrow. I must admit though, I really miss the siestas!!!