When you meet new people you often are asked to tell the short synapse of your journey. You do that enough, with the occasional deep question thrown in like "so where do you think you are going?" and it forces you to ponder. I dislike the word regret, but I would be lying if I did not say I have made some career choices that I would do over.

That being said, I also have tried to learn from all of the experiences life has given me to build them into something quasi-cohesive. You can probably tell from this blog it is a work in process.

One of theĀ  best learning's is a theme we all hear, but is worth repeating here as an encouragement to us all. The joy is in the journey. Let's be real, not in every step, but it is important to keep the positive eye on progress and experiences and even the brief moments of pure happiness.

I remember the first Christmas my eldest daughter was truly aware of what was going on. We came down Christmas morning, the tree lights went on, the smell of coffee was in the air (oh wait, that was my memory), the tree had presents under it, and the stocking was full. Hands together clapping she cried out "joyous, joyous, joyous!" To my recollection she had never uttered that phrase before, and hasn't since. A moment of overwhelming wonder and excitement. My daughter joyous!

My wife and I have worked hard to create those moments as regularly as possible for our children, each other, for others and I am so excited for how all of the wonderful pathways from our history will influence our future. Take some time to remember your pathway and work hard to create some joyous moments for you and all those around you!

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