So I had a successful drum tracking session on Saturday – really successful. I am using a loaner board (same model as the one I have in for repair M-Audio Project mix I/O – picture in previous post) Obviously there is some fear and trembling as I go deeper into this project. Drums will be the hardest thing I do in terms of capturing sound. I have a limit of 8 inputs so choosing the placement of the mics is a big deal, and with a little experimentation and a drummer with some studio experience knowing how he has found great sounds from his drums in the past, it was a real treat. We did some things that I haven’t seen before, but to be fair I haven’t paid a lot of attention to how drums were mic’d in my own studio experiences.

It was a short session, something we won’t do again because the set-up and tear down time is intense, but we still got two tracks in the can. Listening to them over the last two days I am getting more and more excited. They sound really great. My drummer has a great kit which always helps. I have some serious learning to do on the editing side of things, but now it is play time. Create some back-ups and learn – I am having a blast. As the beds go down instrument by instrument this thing will start to sound really different. I remember that being an amazing process with Noticing the Sky as songs went from an idea to a produced sound.

I am really enjoying be the producer this time. I think I have been blessed with solid producers over the 5 projects I have done. In some respects one of my first and the last being the strongest of those. It was time to grow into this role though for both artistic, desire and logistical reasons, and did I mention I am loving it.

I will keep you posted – pardon the pun.

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