One of my personal goals for this year at work is to makes some gains in my use of both technology for worship and make better use of the actual space that we have. I simply write that to write it. The things that I could do are immense. Use of moving graphics in worship, more video production and more use of others video production. Adding more lights to our rig etc.

Well that’s work.

I have been reflecting on the past four plus years at my current church. One of the things that has brought a great amount of satisfaction is thinking of the people that I have been able to work with that whole time. There have been busy seasons and hard seasons and dry seasons, but years later we are still doing it and better for it. This morning was a great morning working with some of those people, and of course some of the new ones who are joining in and I hope feeling the positive vibe.

Ultimately we do life with people. When relationships are good, life is good. I gather Jesus thought the same thing when he told us we have to love each other. John seemed to agree when he said you don’t really know God if you don’t love your brother. I know I need to get better at loving, well everybody, but it is encouraging to see the harvest of friendships growing. Life would be very empty without it.

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