Well this year has been slow on the gig side of life. The positive side of that is perhaps a little more balanced with all that is going on and…I am writing more new tunes! I suppose you always hope that your writing improves as life goes on, and I feel like that is the case with the new tunes that are coming out of me right now. Moreover, as happens because of all the songs I have written and never recorded, some of the old good ones that have never made it to CD have been re-visited and re-vitalized. It has made for some real fun jam sessions.

Another real cool thing is the writing coming out of playing guitar now. My goal is to be able to play everything I write on both piano and guitar, no matter which instrument I write it on. I think it helps shape the songs more fully. Also creates more grooves or textures to play with.

Anyway. I am already dreaming up new sets for concerts and I am looking forward to getting out there a little more and sharing them with all of you. Hopefully that will happen sooner than later.

Peace for now.