As life evolves so does this blog. Ultimately I have tried to use this blog for promoting and informing people about what I am doing musically. Thing is, I am not full-time in music, so often there are dry spells. How often do people really want to hear that I am still working on my second CD? (I am by the way)

For the last five years I was a Pastor and that definitely effected some of the content here, and now I am working for FTC Canada which works to save children from all kinds of wrong.

Alas, to try and keep my life a little separated I will reserve this blog for music and meanderings of the mind and point you to my FTC blog for things related to work. Fair warning, my FTC blog will be about giving opportunities for you, things or projects I am working on to try and push the cause of helping children forward. Please check in there from time to time if you would like to know what I am doing and might be able to give to help. There are some exciting ways to see your money radically effect one or more children’s lives. Check out this week’s post now!

If you are looking to get the same kind of thing that this blog has always had, it will still be that, have no fear.

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