Most of us would recognize this phrase a the classic jazz standard title, which by the way you can hear me sing on my website, It is the last song on the flash player on the front page.
Songs can take us to a happy place as it were. They can uplift us and make us feel happier, convicted, well the whole range of emotions. I have been watching videos and listening to, it feels like, too many people "preach" on the value of doing what you love. The concept underlying it all is satisfaction in life. If you are doing what you love, then surely you will be more content. It might cost you something, but it is worth it.
I don't know about you, but this is a massive struggle for me. I love music and singing, writing music, playing music, producing music, the whole deal, but for whatever reason,  the charges I have made to further this love never turn into a full-time gig. But that is life isn't it? Some make the NHL, others don't. Please note, I realize that part of the reason for my lack of success might be my talent level, but people keep buying my music and coming to the few concerts I put together….so I am lost in quasi "success".
The flip side is your stage of life. I am married with four kids, and they are my priority. I personally don't think I am making an excuse, I am trying to give them as good a life as I can. Moreover, I work for a charity that helps children in Canada and around the world. I am trying to do the best I can in balance.
The argument against me, I think, is that I am a bit of a Jack of all trades, master of none. In Gladwellian terms, I am not focused enough to put in my 10,000 hours. So where does this leave you or me. Right now, somewhere in the middle. I am building "proper" studio in my basement, and will return to producing soon. I have a newish CD with lots of legs left in it, (which I am gifting in download version should you want it, and I am trying to stay true to a vision of music I have had since I was 16.
Over the past year I have struggled with giving up music because I have not attained the success that I had always dreamed of, but I am renewed in a saying a friend gives me credit for, although I am sure I did not come up with it. "It isn't art until it moves someone". Why am I giving away my latest CD. I hope to move a dream in some one else. I hope to share my faith with someone else. I hope to share my struggles and loves with as many as I can, and move someone: towards God; towards loving their wife or husband more; towards good deeds; or living better and giving more. If I can do that, and continue to do that, I will be living my dream, in fact I may fly over the moon!!
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