Last night was another gig. Seems like it has been a little too long since the last. I knew going in it was going to be small, and it was, about 45 people – but it was fun! Played through some old and new tunes on their baby grand and my guitar. The occasion for them was there 73rd anniversary as a church. Pretty cool. I walked into the place and it just felt right. Great spirit, real positive, amazing people.

Moreover, they had the place set-up like a coffee shop! “So we sat around a coffee shop, talked about the things we saw, laughed about the things we hear, wonder what we’re doing here.” Sorry couldn’t resist a line from the song from the CD.

Anyway, next stop will be the Terrace Ball Room for a one song gig for around 700-800 people at the Camp Mini-Yo-Wee 60th anniversary and fundraiser this Friday night. Check out appearences on my site ( for more details. Should be fun to connect with old friends and sing a tune!

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