I had the opportunity to be a panellist at the 6th Annual World Universities Fighting World Hunger Summit. Now that is a title. It is a student driven, university supported movement trying to energize, educate and motivate students who are interested in making a difference in this vital area of world need. In the session in which I was a panellist, a young lady asked the question, how does one do everything and fit in the time to fight hunger?
In fairness to her, I think she saw a panel of people at various stages of life. One in particular who is very successful in both business and philanthropic endeavors, Joey Adler. All of us look at people like Joey and say, how can you do it all?
My response to the question was simple, you don't do everything. You can't. You make decisions to do what you deem most important. If ending hunger is important, than you make time to end hunger.
One of the thoughts I included is one I am trying to practice and recently had named for me in the book by Peter Arnell, "Shift". In it he talks about how he learned to have "one life". I think having one life allows you to be driven. It allows you to integrate and use all of your  skills talents and passions to make a change, make a living, be a spouse, a parent, a friend, a musician (in my case) and executive amongst other things. For me it has been freeing as I allow myself to do the things I love and the things that are important to me. I love fighting hunger (Day Job). I love writing songs (Night job). I have not married those two things together as a career or anything, but I am increasingly allowing both to inform and inspire each other.
If I am honest, I had a dream of "making it" in music, of having buckets of money, and being able to help those in need with those resources. It hasn't happened. But something interesting has. I realized I was passionate about helping people. I also realized I didn't want to stop creating music, even if I don't make a living at it. So I do both. I think I will always find a way to do both. It looks way different than I thought it would, but it is happening.
I, like you, do not know how life and occupation will change for me. We live in a different world now than just a few decades ago. I am convinced that with focus and drive, we can all make space to help our fellow man and pursue our passions, even when at times they seem unrelated.

Posted via email from Cliff Cline